C&C Group - People. Process. Technology. Simultaneously.

Company Background

C&C Group provides consulting services that optimize global business efficiency by addressing the people, process, and technology issues - Simultaneously.

Our clients are global organizations with $50 million to $500 million in annual revenues who are in transition due to rapid growth, consolidation,  or other market changes.

  • 1987:  Founded to provide large-scale project management services for clients in the construction and power-generation industries, including Tennessee Valley Authority and Philadelphia Electric.

  • 1990:  Began offering litigation support services, including providing "expert testimony" on the subject of large-scale project management for numerous clients in the power-generation industry.

  • 1993:  Expanded service offerings to include software implementation services for such clients as Intelsat, Varian, and Integrated Surgical Systems.

  • 1997:  Added hardware, networking, and application support services for such clients as Farmers Insurance, Johnson Architects, and Oakhaven Resorts.

  • 2001:  Consolidated prior experience into a comprehensive set of services to help clients such as Affymetrix, Invisalign, and Tickets.com improve business efficiency on a global basis.

  • 2007:  Acquired software and data access capabilities from "Before The Call" enabling our clients to fulfill their needs for up-to-date information on sale prospects, suppliers and others so they can accelerate top line revenue growth.  

  • 2010:  Introduced our Enterprise Cloud Migration (ECM) service offerings to assist our customers take advantage of more cost effective delivery infrastructure including the Cloud, SaaS, and Message Bus technology solutions.  

We employ a proven methodology that combines the best practices of Six Sigma and several other successful approaches learned by our consultants during their tenures at larger consulting firms.

Our seasoned team of consultants, averaging more than 20 years of experience, partners with your internal team to identify the root causes of problems before proposing a long-term solution.